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Grading standards for world paper money

  UNC Uncirculated AU About Uncirculated XF (EF) Extremely Fine VF Very Fine F Fine VG Very Good G Good Fair Poor
Edges no counting marks light folds OR... light folds corners not fully rounded handling minors rounded edges
Folds none ...OR one light fold through center 3 light folds or one strong crease some folds (horizontal and vertical) many folds and creases
Color of paper paper is clean, colors are bright minimal dirt or colour smudging, but crisp not excessively dirty, but some softly dirty, discoloured or stained very dirty, discoloured and some little graffiti very dirty, discoloured and some graffiti, obscured portions very dirty, discoloured and some graffiti, obscured portions
Tears none little tears in the border, but outside of the design tears into the design edge tears larger tears tape holds pieces of the note together
Holes none no center hole, but maybe staple holes center hole and staple holes
Integrity no missing pieces no large pieces missing missing pieces missing pieces or tape holding pieces together (almost at back side)