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The online shop papermoney-world.com there are various numismatic objects such as coins, paper money, badges, badges, catalogs and film and other supporting material of each coin collecting.


One of the real and lasting value is a coin that has for centuries reflected the wealth and power of the countries in which it was forged, making a significant part of their history. To date, coins have remained a symbol of the values ​​that time can not be run over.


In our shop there is paper money that is sometimes used as currency in various countries around the world, as well as the current valid money that is still used as a means of payment. Money that was released on the occasion of some anniversary titled Commemorative and money that is (see, test, demo work, probation, trial, try, proof) called Specimen.


Medails objects obtained a merit or something else, you can also find a variety of medals and medals of various merits. In our shop is still supporting material for every numismatic such as storage boxes numismatic coins or objects.

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